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In this edition we take a look at three companies well positioned for strong growth. All three small-cap companies are led by experienced management teams with the expertise necessary to execute their respective business plans and capitalize on promising opportunities.

This Month's Tiny Gems - June 2015

InvenSense, Inc. (INVN)

InvenSense, Inc. (NYSE: INVN) is a leading provider of intelligent sensor system on chip (SoC) for motion and sound solutions in consumer electronic devices – including smartphones, tablets, wearables, gaming devices, optical image stabilization and remote controls for Smart TVs. The company’s patented InvenSense Fabrication Platform and patent-pending MotionFusion™ technology address the emerging needs of many mass-market consumer applications via improved performance, accuracy, and intuitive motion-, gesture- and sound-based interfaces.

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Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. (ROSG)

Rosetta Genomics, Ltd. (NASDAQ: ROSG) leverages an integrative research platform to develop and commercialize a full range of microRNA-based molecular diagnostics and address critical needs in cancer and other disease areas. Building on its proprietary platform technologies and a strong IP portfolio, the company is working to solve unmet medical needs and improve the lives of patients through a proven combination of diagnostic expertise and therapeutic innovations.

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Social Reality, Inc. (SCRI)

Social Reality, Inc. (OTCQB: SCRI) is connecting the social and digital spheres to offer brands, agencies and publishers new and measurable opportunities to target, reach and monetize their audiences. Through its proprietary technology platform, the company has unlocked a collection of new revenue streams for publishers by providing the tools needed to automate the digital advertising market.

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Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. (TRCH)

Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRCH) is an oil and gas Exploration and Production company with a primary focus on acquisition and development of highly profitable domestic oil fields. Based in Plano, Texas, the company currently holds interests in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma, providing access to established plays including the Eagle Ford, Mississippian and Hunton. Torchlight’s focus on highly probable and profitable drilling and working interest programs that feature proven and bookable reserves has allowed the company to strategically position itself for tremendous growth moving forward.

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