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CIBT Education Group Inc. (AMEX: MBA)
Ness Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSTC)
Tiens Biotech Group, Inc. (AMEX: TBV)




CIBT Education Group Inc. (AMEX: MBA)


CIBT Education Group Inc. (AMEX: MBA) an education management and investment company, focuses on the global education market. Through its three subsidiaries, the company possesses a combined operating history of more than a century in China and Canada’s education sectors. CIBT currently owns and operates a network of 45 business and language colleges with a presence in Canada, China, Vietnam, Jordan and the Philippines.


The company offers business and management degree programs, automotive, and diesel maintenance programs, IT programs, and career/vocational programs through its global network of campuses. CIBT has established aggressive plans for expansion designed to create more than 50 additional teaching locations in China by next year, with plans for additional schools in South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India and other parts of Asia.


CIBT’s plan to expand into other Asian markets utilizes a “Spoke & Hub” model with a regional full-size campus servicing CIBT Centers which reach into various Asian markets. The Hubs will also accommodate the company’s plans for growth in technical and vocational sectors such as hotel management, construction trades management, multimedia animation and film production. CIBT also desires to acquire other state-owned colleges and transform them into private businesses or career colleges.


The company aims to create a massive distribution network for its educational services, solidify its footprint in China and build momentum to expand across Asia. In view of its past success, CBIT is well on its way to becoming a global leader within one of Asia's fastest growing sectors.


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Ness Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSTC)


Ness Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NSTC) provides Information Technology (IT) business services and solutions to more than 500 clients in the commercial, industrial and government sectors. The company is known for its specialized expertise in software product engineering; system integration, application development and consulting; and software distribution. Ness Technologies delivers its services and solutions through offices located in 18 different countries with a work force of approximately 8,000 experienced professionals.


The company has formed strategic partnerships with many leading global software and infrastructure vendors to capitalize on a wide array of technologies and innovation. Ness Technologies continuously evaluates and pursues other potential partners to deliver the most effective and advanced solutions to its clients. By achieving the highest level of certification with many of its partners, the company has been able to leverage its early access to new product offerings to influence the development of new products and offerings.


In recent news, Ness Technologies was ranked 54th on the 2009 InformationWeek 500, which highlights the 500 most innovative users of business technology. The company was credited with utilizing its proven methodologies and innovative technologies to help customers in every part of the world while managing costs efficiently. Ness Technology believes its nimble responsiveness to be a key trait during the current economic downturn.


Currently, 2.14% of the shares outstanding are held by insiders and 76.70% are held by institutions. Two analysts believe the company is a “Strong Buy”, one believes it’s a “Buy” and one believes it’s a “Hold.” Next year analysts expect earnings per share of $0.62 compared to this year’s $0.43. Revenues are anticipated to total $638.05 million versus this year’s $595.44 million. Over the past five years, sales have increased at an average rate of 24.1% and net income growth has far outpaced the industry’s average at 62.7%.




Tiens Biotech Group, Inc. (AMEX: TBV)


Tiens Biotech Group, Inc. (AMEX: TBV) conducts most of its business through two of its subsidiaries: Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd., and Tiens Yihai Co., Ltd. Founded in 1998, Tianjin Tianshi focuses on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing supplements and personal care products. Tiens Yihai on the other hand focuses on the research and development, production and marketing of nutrition supplements products, home care and personal care products.


Tiens’ herbal products, vitamin and mineral supplements and personal care products are sold in China as well as approximately 90 other countries. The company has significantly increased its revenue and earnings over the years by capitalizing on worldwide consumer demand for nutritional and wellness products. Tiens has positioned itself for further growth through product line enhancements and additional channels of distribution.


As a result of its ongoing R&D efforts, Tiens has developed, manufactured and marketed more than 20 major products and launches 5-to-7 new products each year. Attracting world-class talent to develop its high-quality products, Tiens has built modern research laboratories with superior scientific equipment and provides competitive compensation packages for the research staff. In addition to developing its own products, the company also plans to utilize product acquisitions to expand its product portfolio.


For the past five years, revenues grew at an average of 42.3% a year, while net income grew at an average of 138%. This is well above the industry average of 12.2% annual growth in revenues and 8.4% decline in net income. Despite this rapid, relatively consistent growth, the company trades at much lower price ratios than can be expected. Currently trading at a P/E ratio of 8.24 and Price/Book Value Ratio of 1.89, Tiens’ stock is undervalued when compared with the industry averages.