This Month's Tiny Gems - April 2009

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CYTX)
MAG Silver Corp. (NYSE AMEX: MVG)
New Generation Biofuels, Inc. (NASDAQ:NGBF)




Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (CYTX)


Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: CYTX) has developed technology designed to assist the physician in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery procedures. The company’s mission is to improve the quality and length of life by providing innovative regenerative therapies to patients. Their key technology is the Celution® 700 system that prepares an autologous tissue graft for delivery back to the patient in the same surgical procedure.


Although Celution® is currently unavailable in the U.S., the technology is under review by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and commercially available in many countries in Europe and Asia. Cytori is actively pursuing the expansion of their distributor network to target distributor partnerships in South America as well as other regions. The company is also investigating the possibility of using their technology for indications beyond reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.


The Celution® 900/MB System is the foundation of the company’s StemSource™ Cell Bank. This cell bank enables hospitals in Japan to offer patients the service of cryopreserving their adipose-derived adult stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs) to potentially save their lives in the event they are required for future medical treatment. Research and development has shown that cord blood stem cells have tremendous future value for treating blood disorders and genetic diseases.


In addition, Cytori is exploring the possibility of using adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs), processed with their Celution® 800/CV System, to treat heart disease. The company recognizes the tremendous need for new therapies to repair heart muscle damaged from heart attacks or chronic heart conditions. Adipose tissue-derived stem and regenerative cells may become an effective treatment option for such conditions.




MAG Silver Corp. (NYSE AMEX: MVG)


Focused on silver exploration and development in Mexico, MAG Silver Corp. (NYSE AMEX: MVG) owns more than 100 square miles of prospective ground. With its successful geological modeling of both the epithermal vein systems of the Fresnillo Silver Trend and the carbonate replacement deposits (CRDs) in the Chihuahua Trough, the company is a leader in the application of modern geoscience in the venerable Mexican Silver Belt.


The company has 100% interests in the Lagartos North West property located in the Fresnillo Silver Trend; the Sello property located to the north of the San Martin and Sombrerete mining districts in Zacatecas state; the Batopilas (Don Fippi) property located in the western Sierra Madres of Chihuahua state; the Cinco de Mayo property, which is a 5,000 hectare carbonate replacement deposit located in north-central Chihuahua state; the Guigui property located in central Chihuahua state; and the Sierra de Ramirez property covering approximately 15,000 hectares located in Durango state, Zacatecas, Mexico.


In recent news, MAG Silver announced that assay results received from the Juanicipio property operator, Fresnillo plc, indicate a high grade gold and silver intercept recorded in Hole PD which returned 2.72 metres of 1,578 grams per tonne (g/t) silver, 5.65 g/t gold, 5.94% lead and 6.67% zinc. The company also stated that this hole intersected the Valdecañas Vein almost 40 metres west of Hole QF and verifies the consistency of high grade silver and gold in this area.


President and CEO Dan MacInnis has more than three decades of experience in worldwide mineral exploration. He has managed and directed multi-million dollar exploration programs for Noranda Exploration, Battle Mountain Gold/Hemlo Gold, and Sargold Resources. A significant number of mineral discoveries have been made under the guidance of Mr. MacInnis, including gold and base metal deposits in the US, Canada and Mexico. Mr. MacInnis is a Registered Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo) and is a graduate of Saint Francis Xavier University with a BSc. in Geology.




New Generation Biofuels, Inc. (NASDAQ: NGBF)


New Generation Biofuels, Inc. (NASDAQ: NGBF) is dedicated to providing its clients with quality biofuel solutions. The company produces its biofuels using a proprietary blending technology that is simpler, cleaner, less expensive and less energy intensive than the complex chemical reaction process commonly used to produce traditional biodiesel.


The company’s fuel is designed to be ready to use in industrial applications as a 100% replacement for distillate fuels without mixing or blending with other fuels, equipment modification or loss of significant engine performance. New Generation’s biofuel is a renewable “carbon neutral” fuel with minimal net carbon dioxide emissions, virtually no sulfur oxide emissions and more than 40% lower nitrogen oxide emissions than either diesel or biodiesel.


New Generation’s commercial scale plant in Baltimore, Maryland is capable of producing up to 50 million gallons per year. The company currently has sales agreements with customers in the power generation and commercial & industrial industries, and is also conducting test burns with other leading independent energy producers as well as large commercial and industrial users.


World production of biofuels is expected to continue its rapid growth, reaching 125 billion liters by 2016, more than doubling the latest numbers. With the promise of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, foreign security risks, carbon dioxide and other forms of air pollution, as well as creating new ‘green’ jobs, the biofuel industry is well positioned for future growth despite the current economic conditions as governments around the world continue to establish mandates and incentives for the increased use of alternative energy.